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Entrust your child's Chinese Education with Singapore's Top Scorer!


One-Stop Solution for your child 's Chinese Education! 听说读写——一站式华文学习!

At Etern Education, we aim to instill the confidence and motivation that your child needs to achieve great result in Chinese.

We are an education centre that specialises in Chinese, providing well-crafted programmes for students from Kindergarten 1 to Secondary 4.


Learning Chinese is not a spectator sport. In our classrooms, students do not just sit down and listen to our teachers, they are actively engaged to think criticallyspeak confidently and write coherently. By adopting our research-based teaching methodologies and curriculum in the classrooms, learning experience for our students are often FUN, MEMORABLE and EFFECTIVE!

Our lesson materials are meticulously crafted based on latest MOE syllabus and exam format for all levels.

Our Co-Founders

Mdm Cheng.png

Mdm CHENG Xinchun

Master of Education

- Experienced educator of Chinese language

- Author of best-selling Chinese assessment books

- Regular contributor to Chinese newspapers such as Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报)

With more than 30 years of experience in teaching Chinese, Mdm Cheng is well-loved by students and parents. She has nurtured many students to successfully enter top schools in Singapore such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls' High School and St Nicholas Girls' School. Mdm Cheng is also regularly invited to MOE schools to conduct Chinese creative writing enrichment sessions for the students.


Besides her role in teaching, she has also authored multiple best-selling Chinese assessment books and is a regular article contributor to Chinese newspapers such as Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报).


Assessment books authored

by Mdm Cheng


Article on Lianhe Zaobao authored

by Mdm Cheng

Ms Zhong_photo circle crop.png

Ms ZHONG Yingyi

Bachelor of Economics and Business Management

- 2011 Singapore National O-Level Top Scorer, 11 A1s

- 2013 Singapore National A-Level, A for all six H1 and H2 subjects, Distinction for H3 Physics

- Recipient of Lee Kong Chian Scholarship, to study double degree (Economics & Business Management) at Singapore Management University

Being the O-Level top scorer 2011, Ms Zhong entered Raffles Institution with stellar results. She obtained a double degree in Economics and Business Management from Singapore Management University on a full scholarship. From her own experience, she can direct her students to the right way of learning. Through this, students will not only see improvements in their results, but more importantly, to love learning and love Chinese.

Ms Zhong_O'Level Zaobao.JPG
Ms Zhong_O'Level English ver.JPG

News articles on Ms Zhong,

2011 National O-Level Top Scorer

Lower Primary Programme


We aim to cultivate a series of systematic learning methods in our lower primary school students. According to our research-based teaching methodologies and curriculum, students will step-by-step master the different Chinese topics and answering techniques.


Pre-School Programme

(K1 - K2)


In the early years of learning, lessons are conducted through series of activities, such as drama skit, song & dance on different topics, to instill the interest for Chinese in our students and to build up their foundation on speaking, reading, listening, sentence construction and Hanyu Pinyin.


Upper Primary Programme


The upper primary school programme is designed to fortify students' ability in the various components in Chinese to excel in their exams. Key components covered will be on the writing and reading comprehension, which are normally the weaker sections for most students.

Boy smiling_png.png

Secondary School Programme


The secondary school programme helps our students to manage school syllabus confidently and also emphasizes greatly on helping our students to think critically on social issues, as well as speak and write their opinions coherently in Chinese. 


>20% of every lesson time is given to oral practices to hone students' verbal expression skills

Oral assessment carries a high weightage in exams which can make or break your child's result:

- P3 & P4: 30% of total score

- P5 & P6: 25% of total score 

- S1 - S4: 25% of total score


Etern Writing Programme


Introduction of Etern writing methodology to guide students in idea generation and essay formulation. Enabling our students to craft a coherent piece of writing using appropriate sentence structures, enriched by well-used words and phrases (好词佳句) learnt in class, expanding their vocabulary base beyond textbook level

Targeted Training on

Comprehension Skill


By teaching our students methods to interpret each question types, students are able to gain analytical and inferential skills which are essential for them to identify and formulate the correct answer

High Standard Teaching and

Passionate Teachers


Etern consistently maintain high standards for teachers and teaching. Our teachers are all well-versed with MOE syllabus, they are passionate about teaching and Chinese. At Etern, we provide a nurturing environment for our students to learn and grow


It is no secret that Chinese is becoming a more and more important language nowadays. Not only is it a Mother Tongue subject for all Singaporean Chinese students in school, it has become a language in demand with China playing a dominant role in global trade and finance. 


In Singapore, Chinese language is still a major hurdle for our mostly English-speaking youth. Our curriculum aims to change students' impression of Chinese, mostly being "difficult" and "stressful", in order to help them achieve excellence in the language and in their exams.


We have implemented a series of research-based teaching methodologies to engage students in class. Unlike conventional classroom setting with purely reading and writing, lively activities are incorporated in our classrooms to allow students to expand their thinking and to cultivate their interest in Chinese. With growing interest and confidence in Chinese, students find it easier to absorb new topics and to meet school demands.

Our curriculum is built based on strong understanding of the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements. Many MOE teachers have entrusted their children's Chinese education with us.

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